Registrar’s Office

Registrar’s Office

In 2004, a service of the office of the Registrar of Almaty technological University, engaged in registration of all history of educational achievements of the student and providing organization of all types of knowledge control and calculation of its academic rating.

In 2011, in order to improve the educational process and optimization of the structure of the University according to the order of the rector of ATU entered into the structure of the University “Office of the registrar”, which referred to the “Department of registration”, “testing Department” and “Student archive”.

Office of the Registrar the University intended for the organization of educational process on credit technology of learning, academic planning, quality control of students ‘ knowledge and operational planning and management of educational process, accounting of movement of students and statistical reporting.

The work of the office of the Registrar has been implemented according to his plan and linked with the activities of the deans, departments and other structural units of the University involved in the educational process.


Account contingent account credited, transferred, dismissed and reinstated students;
Registration of all history of educational achievements of students of all specialties and forms of education;
Organization within the educational process of the intermediate, current and total control in accordance with the academic calendar of the University;
Organizing and conducting external evaluation of educational achievements (EEEA) graduate students of internal form of learning;
The organization and conduct of the summer semester for full-time students and part-time (DET) forms of learning, not admitted to the session;
The registration and issue of graduates of diplomas and transcripts (transcripts), check the book-keeping and issuing of blank diplomas;
The organization and conduct of the summer semester for full-time students and part-time (DET) forms of education, not allowed to session by results of rating control, having academic debts, the results of the session and the academic difference in disciplines of working curricula in the translation, restoration, return from the academic leave;
Issuance of transcripts to students of internal and correspondence (DET) forms of education and their registration in the log; storing, accounting and issuing of forms graduates of diplomas and transcripts (transcripts), check the book-keeping and issuing of blank diplomas, filling alphabetic books;
Drafting of orders on staff of students by faculty;
Design and integration of groups of personal files of students, transfer of personal records of the restored and transferred students;
Delivery of documents to the deducted students in accordance with established procedure;
The transfer of personal Affairs dropouts and graduated students to ATU archive;
Confirmation of the issued diplomas.
Documents preparation of students for transfer to vacant positions, intake and check the personal Affairs of students enrolled in the 1st year and transferred from other educational institutions in the ATU;


At credit technology of training the student determines their educational trajectory.

In submitting to the academic discipline and the formation of the educational trajectory the student uses consultation of an Advisor – curator and selectsthe elective disciplines (disciplines at the choice of the student).

Individual curriculum of the next academic year in the prescribed form with consultation of adviser – curator determines before the start of the next academic period will start.

After the final closure of record for academic courses, an individual curriculum shall be approved by the Dean and issued to the student.


Academic achievement of students (enrolled) for all types of academic assignments and tasks is assessed according to the score–rating letter system of knowledge assessment in accordance with state educational standards for monitoring and evaluation of knowledge.

Monitoring of progress of students is carried out on each subject discipline, and includes control of knowledge in classroom and extracurricular activities. Assessing the current control (rating of admission) develops estimates of current control in the classroom and assessments of midterm control (extracurricular activities).

When the current control of academic performance the academic achievement of students is evaluated on a 100-point scale for each completed task, and the final result of current control of progress is applied to calculate the arithmetic mean value of all grades received during the academic period.

Students who do not have a positive evaluation rating of admission in disciplines that are not allowed to the final control (examination).

Control system knowledge in ATU includes a rating control (two times in semester) and final control (exams). Rating control on disciplines is carried out on 8 and 15 weeks of academic period. Admission to exams is carried out by receiving 50 points or more in each of the rating control.

In each discipline is determined by the final assessment, which consists of the results of the rating control and examination, with 60 % rating control, 40 % is the result of the exam.

Final assessment of student knowledge is evaluated on a letter system of assessment of educational achievements of students, which corresponds to a digital equivalent on four-point system.

To transfer students from one course to another University sets their own passing score GPA. A passing score (Grade Point Average) – the average assessment of level of educational achievements of students enrolled for one academic year to the selected program (GPA). The minimum passing score from course to course in the 2017-2018 academic year, approved by the decision of the Academic Council of the University:

for the full-time undergraduate students


the minimum level of transferable score (GPA)



2, 1 y.s.


3, 2 y.s.


4, 3 y.s.


for the undergraduate students in distance learning technology


the minimum level of transferable score (GPA)

1 y.s.


2 y.s.


3 y.s.


The average score (GPA) calculated at the end of each semester and for the entire study period as a whole. GPA all subjects for the course are given as follows: the final grade in the subjects multiplied by the number of credits of this discipline, all the results are added together and divided by the number of credits.

Alphabetic system of evaluation of educational achievements of students corresponding to a digital equivalent with four point system

Grades by the literal grading system

A digital equivalent of points

percentage content

Based on the traditional system






































To determine final grades in these disciplines:

3,67 points х 2 credits+ 4 points х 3 credits = 19,34:5 (the total number of credits) =3,8.

Thus, GPA is calculated for all passed subjects, it is the basis for transfer to the next course.

Examination with a positive grade for the purpose of its increase over the entire period, or for the purpose of obtaining a diploma with honours is not permitted.

When receiving an unsatisfactory total score on discipline, the credits in the relevant discipline are not counted.

Retake the assessment, as well as positive or unsatisfactory, the examination is not permitted.

A student who has received an unsatisfactory total assessment on discipline, should re-take a course in the discipline, gain admission to the exam and pass it during the next academic period or summer semester on a paid basis.

If the student scored (including the summer semester)GРА below a set level (1,67 points), he remains on a repeated course.

Students who do not sign the contract and not paid the tuition for a repeated course within one month after the beginning of the school year are subject to assignment.

Students enrolled in the state educational order, left to repeat the course for a further period of training lose the state educational grant.


For students with academic debts (maximum 10 credits) will be organized the summer semester. During the summer semester a group of at least 3 people must be formed to complete the discipline. Registration deadline for summer semester ends one week before the beginning of the summer semester.

Rights for enrolling in the summer semester have students who:

have an academic debt;
have an academic difference in the recovery, transfer, return from academic leave;
wants to explore the extra discipline.
According to the results of the summer semester students who have not obtained transferable score (GРА) remain on a repeated course.

The procedure of organization the summer semester and the student record for the summer semester provides the office of the Registrar.

the procedure for the organization of the summer semester:
student is registered to attend the summer semester, indicating the courses and payment on the stated courses;
schedule of classes in summer semester.
The results of examinations on disciplines of the curriculum specialty mastered during the summer semester, counted the bills score (GРА).

All received student scores on the studied disciplines are reflected in the transcript.

Address: 050012, g. Almaty,
Tole bi str., 100 (the intersection of Baitursynov str.) the building of the Office of the Registrar

tel.: +7 (7272) 93-52-84 (ext. number 170) – head Office of the Registrar

tel.: +7 (7272) 93-52-84 (ext. number 116, 155, 214)- registration

tel.: +7 (7272) 93-52-84 (ext. number 133) – the testing Department

tel.: +7 (7272) 93-52-84 (ext. number 153) – student files

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