Quality Management System

Quality educationis the path to a successful career

Occurrence of Almaty Technological University (ATU) in the world scientific and educational space contributes to the implementation and maintenance of “Quality Management Systems of educational activities and training,” based on the international ISO 9000 standards.

Scope of the QMS applies to educational training activities with higher and postgraduate education in accordance with the state compulsory standards of higher and higher professional education on specialties and areas in accordance with the licensing.

During the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 school years, work was undertaken to develop and implement quality management systems Almaty Technological University (ATU QMS). In October, the 2005-2006 academic year in ATU was an international certification audit, the results of which the university was granted the Certificate of QMS number 40047 of October 27, 2005 by Moody International Certification (UK).

QMS ATU supported team in working condition in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 in relation to the current organizational structure of the ATU and is aimed at creating and maintaining the conditions of quality of training and, consequently, the achievement of high financial and economic indicators, has become a subject of regular review and evaluation on the part of senior management, the basis for planning and development of systems of motivation.

In 2012, it received the double Quality Management System Certificate for № 12.0028.026 dated 16 January 2012 from the Certification Association “Russian Register” and the international network of certification bodies “IQNet”.

In the period from 8 to December 10, 2014 was held re-certification of the quality management system. In January 2015 it was obtained by the double certificate of QMS for № 15.0038.026 dated 16 January 2015 from the Certification Association “Russian Register” and the International Network of Certification «IQNet» up to 16 January 2018.

Almaty Technological University is currently implementing:

• transition to automated electronic document management system

• improving security and improved accessibility for students of information and library and information and telecommunication service

• improving the efficiency of university management and improving the quality of educational services based on electronic technology university

• expanding the functions of the electronic library of the University of learners and access to full-text educational material via the Internet

• modern edition of textbooks and monographs on the profile of the university

• continuous training of university staff to work in the information environment, based on electronic educational and scientific resources, using

• appropriate information systems

• optimization of the system of university management through continuous improvement of quality management system

• the development of innovation infrastructure and material and technical base of the university

• development of student self-government

• social support for young teachers and scientists with a view to securing the university and creative growth.


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