Providing at medical services

Students of daily separation TALLY-HO ” Almaty a technological university ” is passed physical examination in здравпункте. Health protection point for providing of the first medical aid.


Prophylaxis of diseases and improvement of reproductive health of young people.

The main objectives of the health center:

  • prevention socially of meaningful illnesses;
  • complex physical examination;
  • immunoprophylaxis;
  • sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision

The health center was organized to provide medical services to students and undergraduates. In its work, the health center is governed by Constitution, legislative act of Kazakhstan and the laws of health organizations of the RK.

The health center renders services next:

Prophylactic inoculations;

Control of patients communicable diseases;

Realization of sanitary-prophylactic measures for AIDS/of HIV, drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking;

Control of patients with chronic diseases;

Watching the sanitary-hygenic state of dormitories.

In the health center for admission of students work:

  • Physician
  • The gynecologist during medical examination

In the health center are the following offices:

  • First aid Cabinet
  • routine inspection
  • treatment room by the doctor.
  • Cabinet insulator

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