Patent activity

Patent activity

World experience shows that universities (as a structure whose activity combines the preparation of highly professional cadres and the solution of the tasks of the research plan) consider the issues of intellectual property protection as a direction of activity inextricably linked with academic and scientific work. At the same time, the main factor that stimulates the interest of higher education institutions in this area of activity is the need to increase the investment attractiveness of the results of university research and SRWS by increasing the level of research and competitiveness of their results, as well as securing investment protection for those who will develop university developments.

Patent-licensing operations as a means of ensuring the protection of intellectual property (OIC) are an important instrument of market struggle. A patent is a commodity. A reliable patent protection of new developments forces competitors to buy licenses and is carried out to create the most favored nation regime when entering the market.

At present, the main task of protecting the university’s OIS is to ensure a high level of research results (their competitiveness in the world market) and their commercial attractiveness in the eyes of potential investors or industry (from the position of investment protection at the stage of bringing the results of university research to the goods).

One of the important results of the University’s research work is patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, author’s certificates for scientific works.

The University’s activities in this direction are regulated by the Regulations on Research and Innovation Activities of the University ATU-UH-PPD-7.5.1-2017-07.

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