The museum is an educational, research and cultural and educative unit of the University. The main activity of the museum is working with students – familiarizing them with the history of the university, its scholars, university’s research work directions, organization of work on patriotic and spiritual education.

The museum has exhibits and materials – evidence of the brightest and significant events in the history of the institution. Important documents, diplomas and certificates, medals received by the University for various achievements, as well as cups and diplomas for prizes in sports and cultural activities are also presented here.

5 faculties of the University have their stands and monitors in the museum that reflect the teaching and educational work, the important milestones and achievements in the field of education and science.

Thematic exhibitions “Milestones of development”, “Great opportunities – great achievements”, “Future – in the hands of young people”, “The future starts today”, “Integration into the world educational process”, “Preserving tradition – strive for excellence”, “Research university activity “and etc. give a notion of 60-year-old way of formation and development of the university, its scientific, educational and cultural activities.

The museum plays an important role in the cultural life of the university. Not only important documents and exhibits are presented here, but also a variety of events (themed tours, curator hours, lectures and meetings) are held to mark the important dates and help students understand the history of the university better.

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