After transfer students in the Dean office will receive a login and password to log into the educational portal of the University (Univer). Possible to send via e-mail. The distance training involves self-study courses through the educational portal IPK “Univer” and consultation with the teacher leading the course. The list of subjects and teaching materials are on the personal page of a student in the educational portal. Entrance into the educational portal through the website ATU ( at Univer). If necessary, you can obtain these materials on CD-ROM. This should apply to the Dean’s office.

In order for students to have access to educational materials in AIS “Platonus”, it is necessary:

  • Go to the site and open the corresponding tab “Platonus” or directly, through the browser by entering the address
  • Select the language and enter the login and password (it is issued in the Deans office) in the window which opens.

Note: If you did not receive a login and password for some reason, you should call to Methodist of dean’s office at the telephone number which is given in the contacts of the faculty of distance learning on the ATU website.

Tip: Open your page everyday and watch announcements.

  • If you go below with the scroll bar in the right part of the window, you will see the “Tasks” and “Letters” sections. As a rule, tasks are given in the syllabus, therefore it can be empty. Teachers or employees of the dean’s office use these sections additionally, when it will be necessary. The “Letters” section contains information that is intended for you personally or for a limited group of students. All users can see announcements.
  • Links are given in the right part of the page in the strip of a darker color to go to different sections of your personal cabinet, which is presented in the form of a list.
  • You will be taken to the page with messages, announcements, tasks relating to you under the link Messages.
  • You can access surveys in which you can evaluate both individual disciplines and the organization of the learning process, reflect your vision of the learning process by correspondence by clicking link “Questioning”. The questionnaires are opened at a certain time.
  • The “Settings” link allows you to change the design of the cabinet.
  • “Appeal” is used when you will receive an unsatisfactory evaluation in the exam.
  • You will see all your grades for semesters for the entire period of study in the section Transcript.
  • You can get acquainted with the dates of control points for the current academic year under the link “Calendar”.
  • The link “Register” allows you to see in more detail what your grades on disciplines of the semester.
  • References Study room and Timetable are being finalized.

Very important links for learning!

  • The link “Individual curriculum”. You can compose, view or print your individual curriculum in terms of semesters here.

Attention! You can select disciplines for training only with the agreement of the adviser of the graduating department or the dean’s methodologist. Currently, you can only print out an individual plan drawn up for you or watch it by going down the scroll bar engine to the table at the bottom of the page.

Disciplines and their leading teachers are listed in the individual plan. According to this list, you should study the disciplines independently during the current semester. The period of the semester and the passing of control tasks and tests can be found on the link “Calendar”.

  • The link Teaching manuals. Training materials for self-preparation and delivery of control tasks for the disciplines are listed here, which listed in the link “Individual curriculum” for the current semester.

Before you start learning you should check the presence of the Teaching manuals with a list of the disciplines which listed in the individual curriculum. In case of discrepancy you should contact with the methodologist or adviser.

Student should study the material of all the semester disciplines; also they should pass the test tasks and pass the testing within 15 weeks. The deadlines for passing control tasks are confined to the midterm 1 and 2, which it is ended at 7-8 and 15 weeks respectively. Students are allowed to take the exam after successfully passing the control tasks. Terms of examinations are given also in the “Calendar”.

You should begin the study of disciplines with the introduction of a syllabus for distance learning. It lists topics for independent study by week, the deadlines for passing control tasks and their subjects, evaluation policy, references to educational literature.

The teaching manuals includes lecture notes, materials of practical or laboratory works, independent work and control tasks, questions for self-testing and testing. As a rule examinations take place in the form of testing except for the final course.

-In addition to these materials, testing in online mode is envisaged: by the midterms of 1 and 2 and examinations. The reference to testing appears in time reflected in the “Calendar”. Testing on the midterm is allowed to pass 3 times, the last grade will be considered. The exam schedule will be given in the announcements.
-Video lecture recordings are included also in the training video materials, which are accessed through the “Distance” system. You can login under the link, login and password are the same as in AIS Platonus.
-Online review lectures are conducted according to the schedule placed in the announcements. The order of access to lectures can also be viewed in announcements.