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  • Lecturing by ATU teachers

To organize lectures by foreign lecturers held a certain number of works: requested CV with details of their academic qualifications, area of research, list of publications, and the topic is widely read lectures to the Association and full compliance of the scientific profile of the lecturer OP students - ATU students, a program stay with the theme of the lecture, also addressed the issue of payment according to the rate of payment approved by the Rector of the ATU, organized hotel accommodation, meeting and seeing off to the airport.

As a result of lectures, seminars and consulting work, new directions of international cooperation in the framework of joint educational programs were identified, relevant knowledge was obtained by students, as well as the exchange of experience and advanced knowledge in the above areas.

In the 2015-2016 academic year for the first time was introduced lectures to foreign scientists in the "online"mode. From April 25 to may 15, 2016 the Vice-rector for research and business partnership of the University of food technologies (Bulgaria), Mr. Stefan Georgiev Dragoev held online lectures for the ATU on the following topics: "Scientific basis of food safety", "Biotechnology of meat and meat products", "Technology of food products" in the amount of 38 hours.

This technique makes it possible to expand the exchange of experience and knowledge among students, as well as implements academic mobility with minimal financial costs, which is important in the modern world of higher education with self-financing by the University. Also, this technique is characterized by the ability of foreign lecturers to conduct classes without breaking away from the main place of work and for a longer period.

The total number of foreign professors from 2015-2019 amounted to 106 people from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, great Britain, Hungary, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Japan, Armenia, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic.