Guide for working in AEMS «Univer»

The University implemented an automated education management system (AEMS) «Platonus».

AEMS «Platonus» is a support system of remote training, software platform is a modern software that allows you to create Internet / Intranet training center, which provides a full cycle of training, including:

  • registration of training courses;
  • registration of students and teachers;
  • the creation and publication of exercises and tests, training materials;
  • Consideration of progress;
  • creation and maintenance schedules;
  • other necessary services and properties.


1. To get started, users open the browser (MozillaFirefox, Opera, InternetExplorer);

2. It is necessary to visit the site, click on the box below Platonus;

3. To enter the system in the form of authorization must select a role in the system (for the role of students: students). Next, enter the account name (login name in the “Username” field) and password (in the “Password” field) then press “Enter.” Username and password can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, each student has unique login and password. In case of loss of data or lack of access to the system one should apply to information technology management.

Figure 1 – Login (language)

Figure 2 – Authorization system


After logging in the next page – system interface will be loaded (Figure 3). Interface system uses a set of standard elements on all pages of the server. This allows the user to easily navigate the program and use all the capabilities of the system effectively.
Figure 3 shows an example of the program screen showing the main elements of the model.


The user box (top right corner) will be accessible to the following: Custom Unit:

  • Library
  • Chat
  • Forum
  • To main
  • Exit


It is the user’s primary tool in the selection of actions perpetrated by them. For a student presented: a classroom, a magazine, a schedule, an individual curriculum, academic calendar, transcript, appeals and messages.

Figure 3 – Interface system


The user account has attributes, editable by the user (the “Options”). These fields on the registration card user:

  • login
  • password

With detailed guidance can be found in electronic library AEMS «Platonus».

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