Kulazhanov Kuralbek Sadibaevich - President of Almaty Technological University

He graduated from Kazakh State University named after S. M. Kirov in 1967, majoring in "Chemistry, organic catalysis". Having worked as an Intern researcher in the Department of Catalysis and Technical Chemistry, in 1969 he entered and in 1972 completed postgraduate studies with a thesis and the award of the degree “Candidate of Chemical Sciences”.
In 1972-1980 Kulazhanov K. S. worked as a head of the laboratory of chemical research and then head of the Department of operating materials and chemical research of the Kazakh scientific-research and project Institute of automobile transport.

In 1980-1994 he worked in the Almaty branch of Dzhambul Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry (DTILFP) in the following positions: head of research sector; Deputy branch Director for scientific affairs, head of the Department "Analytical, physical and colloid chemistry"; Vice Dean of the faculty of Technology of Bakery and Knitting mills; Deputy branch Director for academic Affairs, and since 1994 Director of the branch of DTILFP.

In 1996 he was appointed as the rector of Almaty Technological Institute, based at Almaty branch of DTILFP. Since 1999 - the rector, since 2014 the President of Almaty Technological University.

Kulazhanov K.S.– doctor of chemical Sciences (1995), Professor (1996), honorary Professor of Moscow State Academy of food production and Andong National University (South Korea), academician of the International Academy of engineering and the National engineering Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Academy of Sciences of higher school and the national Academy of Sciences of higher school of the Republic of Kazakhstan, honorary academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Authored by Kulazhanov K. S. there were published 495 scientific papers including 29 textbooks and manuals, 5 monographs, 54 copyright certificates and patents, mentored 7 doctors and 10 candidates of Sciences. The major publications of Kulazhanov K. S. are the following: reprinted three times University textbook “Analytical chemistry” (in the Kazakh language) in two volumes, “Physical and colloid chemistry” - the textbook for high schools, "Bioorganic chemistry" - textbook for Universities in the Kazakh language; "Development of processes of oil refining” – the textbook for high schools in the Kazakh language, and others.

Kulazhanov K. S. is an active organizer of science and higher technical education, he imposes increased demands on the educational process and research work, poses and solves the problem of integration of science with the process of education, undertakes to output research on priority areas of theinternational level. A powerful material and technical base is created under the direction of Kulazhanov K. S., the links with the production of academic and applied science is strengthened, from year to year the quality structure of professors and teachers, library and information provision of scientific and educational activities, scientific equipment and teaching laboratories with modern instruments and equipment are improved at the University.

Investments of Kuralbek Kulazhanov in national science and higher education are awarded honorary titles and state awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, namely: the award "Kurmet", Honorary title "Honored worker of Kazakhstan", the Badge "Excellent worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan", medal "Cultural figures", Jubilee medals: "10 years of the Constitution of Kazakhstan", "10 and 20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan", " For merits in the Trade Union of workers in Education and Science".

Kulazhanov Talgat Kuralbekovich - Rector of Almaty Technоlogical University

He graduated Filial of Dzhambul Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry in 1991 in Alma-Aty, by specialty “Technology and organization of public catering”, candidate of Economics (2001), honorable professor of International Vienna University (2008), corresponding member of National Academy of sciences of RK, academic of International Academy of Innovative Technology (IATE, Germany 2007), academic of International Engineering Academy (Russia), he was elected as a member of Rector club of Europe, he was awarded with the Moscow State University of Food Industry.

Director of restaurant “Agat” in 1991-1995; director of LLP “Ernur” in 1995-1997; vice rector of University of Technology and Business of Almaty in 1997-2001, Board Chairman of Almaty Technological University in 2001-2002; Chairman of Council of ATU in 2002-2007; President of ATU in 2007-2014; Rector of ATU since 2014.

Kulazhanov T.K. engaged successfully in research activities in the field of solving the problems of the food industry and investment management. He published 86 scientific works, including 25 books and manuals, 4 monographs such as “Bases of current of elastic and viscous masses”, “Innovations in educational process”, the manual equipment of catering establishments, etc., 6 patents and pre-patents were taken out.

Kulzhanov T.K. is a co-director of research for international grants and projects for preparing the first Masters PhD within TEMPUS together with a number of universities in the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea and Russia, he conducts also a great job in teaching methodology section for special food technologies for improving and preparing educational-methodical documentation, the organization of credit technology, improving the structure of training specialists with higher knowledge, takes an active part in the work of modern system management quality and research projects in ATU.

T.Kulazhanov merits in the development of food science and technology, the introduction of industrial production of their results are noted by a lot of gold medals.

Pervyi prorertor
Nurakhmetov Baurzhan Kumargaliyevich – the first vice rector of Almaty Technological University

He was born on January 1, 1967, in Karligash aul, which is located in Andrey district at former Taldykorgan region. He completed Furmanov school with silver medal in 1984. After his graduation at Kazakh national university after Al-Farabi with major in mechanics and applied mathematics, he worked in institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of KazSSR. In 1993 he gained his master degree at Kazakh national university after Al-Farabi in specialization of “Theory of mechanisms and machines” . Between 1994 and 2000 worked as senior, leading scientist in Institute of mechanics and machines at Ministery of Science and Education of the RK. In 1999 gained doctor degree in specialization of “Theory of mechanisms and machines”. From 2000 to 2002 worked in Technological University of Almaty as dean of department. After, between 2002 and 2010 head of Science and Post Graduate Education Department at Kazakh British Technical University. In 2010 and 2011 worked as Head of Science and Post Graduate Education Department, 2011-2013 – as vice rector of training and methodic, 2013 – the first vice rector at Technological University of Almaty.

Nurakhmtov B. K. has published more than 100 scientific articles including 6 monographies and 2 scientific teaching aids. In addition, he has 15 certificate of authorship and patents. He was granted national scientific stipend for young talented scientists for three times. Moreover, Nurakhmtov B. K. was awarded with badge as “Honorable worker of Education in Republic of Kazakhstan” (2013), with medal for “Merit and Achievements” in national Business Ranking of the RK (2014), the Ministry of Science and Education’s Honorable Charter (2011), Certificate of completion on topic “Adaptation of Bolon Process’ Main measurements in High Schools of Kazakhstan” (2012), Certificate of completion at seminar on topic “Strategy of managing modern high schools” (2012), Certificate of participant in International conference at KIMEP university (2012).

2000-2005: Head of Board of young scientists of the RK; 2000-2003 -member of Ministry of Science and Education’s Board, and National Academy of Science’s Presidium of the RK; 2002-2003- member of National Board of the RK. He was advisor for five doctoral dissertations.

_Байболова Ляззат Кемербековна
Baibolova Lyazzat Kemerbekovna - Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

I graduated from the Alma-Ata branch of Dzhambul Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry by specialty “Technology , organization and servicing of catering enterprises” in 1989. Since 1994 I worked as a teacher, a senior teacher, an associate professor, a professor in ATU. In 1998 the thesis on the theme “Development of technology for stuffed horse meat products using protein dressers” was defended by me. During 2000-2004 - Vice-rector for educational work of ATU.
In 2007 the doctoral thesis on the topic “Scientific and practical foundations of the production of whole focus and combined meat products” was defended. In 2008 and during 2010-2012 I took the position of the Director of Technological and Economic College of ATU. 2012-2013 – the Dean of the Faculty "Engineering and Information Technology", and 2013-2014 – the Head of the department MAPP, 2014-2016 – the Dean of the Faculty "Engineering and Information Technology", 2016-2019. – the Dean of the Faculty of Food Production.
Since 2019 the Vice Rector for teaching and methodical work of ATU position was occupied by me.
Baibolova L.K. published more than 250 scientific papers, including 3 monographs, 3 textbooks, 11 copyright certificates and patents. I was awarded the State Scientific Scholarship for talented young scientists and the badge "Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2013); the medal "For merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2017); the winner of the title "The best teacher of the university" (2016).
Under her leadership, there were defended two Master's and 1 doctoral (PhD) theses.

Rskeldiev Berdan Abdazimovich - Vice Rector of Science and Innovations

Rskeldiev B. A. graduated from Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim in 1974. In 1983 he upheld his candidate thesis, and in 2000 received his doctorate. Since 2003 he has been the Professor in speciality "Technology of food products".

He has published more than 290 scientific papers, including 1 monograph, 5 booklets, 2 teaching aids he owns 12 copyright certificates and innovatio patents. In 2009 he was awarded the Diploma in the nomination "the Most published authors in the fields of agro-industrial complex in Kazakhstan" organized by JSC "National center of scientific and technical information" of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professor Rskeldiev B. A. with employees in recent years has introduced more than 15 kinds of new types of meat products, and they have been exhibited at Republican and International exhibitions

At the 7th International specialized exhibition "Biotech World-2009" in Moscow a group of authors (Rskeldiev B. A., Baibolova L. K., Amirkhanov K. Zh.) for the development of technology of salt horse products with enhanced nutritional value received the Diploma for the best products presented at the exhibition.
In 2010 and 2011, in co-authorship was awarded the Gold medal of the IX and X International forums in Moscow for the development and implementation of meat product from lamb with vegetable-protein compositions, for high quality meat products, was awarded the Silver medal of the "Third professional contest of meat products" in Moscow (2014), Gold medal for the development of innovative technology product "Shymbulak" in co-authorship (2014). He has the certificate of the participant of the International seminar on improving management in the education system (Singapore, 2010).

Professor Rskeldiev B. A. mentored 3 doctors and 7 candidates of technical Sciences, he is a member of the dissertation Council for the defense of the dissertation Council of the Kyrgyz HTU named after I. Razzakov. He is also a member of the editorial Board of scientific journals "Equipment and technology of food production" (KemTIFP), "Bulletin of OMSAU" and "Foods and Raw materials" (Russia), Honorary Professor at State University named after Shakarim, Semey. He was awarded the medal "20 years of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2011) and the Badge "Honorary worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2013).

Batholdin Kaltayev Seitkazhinovich - Vice-rector for Educational Work

He was born in August 28, 1956 in Kyzyl-Kesik in Aksuat district of Semipalatinsk region. In 1977 he graduated from the Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute named after Krupskaya. From 1977 to 1994 he held executive positions in the party and public organizations of Aksuat district of Semipalatinsk region. From 1994 to 1998 he served as head of the department, deputy akim of Aksuat district of Semipalatinsk region. From 1998 to present, is a senior lecturer in the chair of Professional Education and Social Science, Master of Social Sciences. Since 2004, the vice-rector for educational work in ATU.

He was awarded the letters of thanks of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, honorary diplomas of MES RK, Akim of Almaty, Akim of Almaly and Auezov districts, medal of Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan "For contribution to the development of the trade union movement."

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