Documentolog electronic document management system allows you to automate any business processes for organizations of all activities.

Dynamic, versatile and reliable business application contains a set of the most common configurations to optimize the performance of your company: 

Automate movement and processing of the main types of documents in the company since its inception / receipt to complete the execution of: sending from the organization and / or directions to the archive.
  • Incoming documents (including the resolution)
  • outgoing documents
  • Internal documents (Memo)
  • instructions
  • Treatment of individuals
  • Treatment of legal persons
  • The protocol of the meeting
  • Orders for ML / orders
  • Reports (12 pre-configured types)
Automation movement, testing and processing of accounting documents in the enterprise.
  • Application for payment
  • Applications in Operations
  • Contract / additional agreements
  • Acts / electronic invoices – invoice
The subsystem is designed to optimize the management and staff personnel services of the enterprise.
  • Vacation schedule
  • Application for advance
  • Application for leave
  • Application for dismissal
  • Application for lump sum
  • Application for assignment
  • bypass list
  • Orders for personnel
  • Timesheet time
  • Questioning / employee survey
  • Evaluation of employees 360
  • collective work on documents
Documentolog provides free integration with the Kazakhstan Center for exchange of electronic documents. DOC24 – is Kazakhstan Center of exchange of electronic documents (KTSOED), which allows you to:
  • Automate workflow of external contractors with any legally meaningful way
  • Shorten delivery time, the documents to 5 minutes, regardless of the distance
  • Abandon paper copies of documents
  • Significantly speed up the search for any documents in the archives and DMS
Documentolog offers you additional modules to extend the functionality of the system.
  • corporate Calendar
  • Archive
  • Corporate blog
  • Widgets
  • Applications in the IT (Service Desk)
  • Meeting the collective management bodies
  • document repository

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