Corporate Mail

Mail for educational institutions

It is possible to organize a common information space for teachers, pupils and their parents, where they can communicate – either separately from one another, and all together; exchange abstracts and course; send information within the study groups; create shared calendar events, and to notify participants of any changes; to be always connected. Exclusive offer from «Mail.Ru for Education” allows you to do all of this quickly and absolutely free: connect your domain, you can apply, please create mailboxes for all students and employees and uses a convenient and simple tools Mail.Ru.

  •  Unlimited number of mailboxes for all students
  •  Comfortable and familiar Web-based Mail
  •  Assistance in setting up
  •  Reliable protection against spam and viruses
  •  No advertising
  •  Storage of all data in the territory of the Russian Federation
  •  Modern applications for mobile devices
  •  cloud Mail.Ru
  •  The calendar
  •  Online viewing and editing documents
  •  Built-in instant messenger for instant messaging
  •  Certification of educational institutions
  •  Free DNS-hosting
  •  Patient Support Service Mail.Ru

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