“Zhas Orken – 2019”

The international competition of young designers and fashion designers “Zhas Orken – 2019” has opened new names in the fashion world

On May 16, 2019, the International Competition of Young Designers and Fashion Designers “Zhas Orken – 2019” was held at the Almaty Technological University. The uniqueness of the event is that university students studying clothing design are given a real opportunity not only to win a cash prize, but also to demonstrate their talent to well-known fashion professionals, potential employers from Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Russia, Italy and China, as well as Visit the trending and design forums.

This year, the jury includes: Kazakhstan’s leading designer Aida Kaumenova, beauty and fashion blogger Oksana Kim, director of production, founder of Kazakhstan Fashion Week (KFW) Botagoz Aldongarova, doctor of technological sciences from Russia Natalia Mokeeva and director of the Aldo Galli Art Institute David Alesina from Italy. Being the prototype of the republican competition of designers in the Kazakhstan fashion show KFW, this project is the only one of its kind, the participants and organizers of which are students themselves.

The competition is attended by 36 young designers. The main mission of the competition is to develop the creative potential of students, the formation of a professional environment for designers, the creation of an international cooperation zone for the global fashion industry. According to the results of the show, the first place was taken by the participant from Russia Irina Mikhailova with the collection “In your cells”. The jury found the creative decision to create images of the AQRA collection of a student of the Almaty Technological University Zhanat Abulkasymova. She was awarded second place. Just an explosion of fantasy and an unusual embodiment was presented by a participant from Russia Olga Kim with a collection of “Imagine” (third place).

The grand prix and the prize of 200 thousand tenge were unanimously decided by the student of Almaty Technological University Aigerim Ospan for the Fall collection.